Welcome to the Hands of Freedom Massage Therapy website. Massage treatments are available as mobile massages in a 10 miles radius from Brentwood.

What massage can do for you...
Relieves Muscle Pain
Relieves Stress
Relieves tension and headaches
Helps you to sleep better
Decreases Depressions
Improves Circulation
Strengthens your Immune System  

Other benefits, especially for physically active people...
Helps the recovery of the muscles between workouts
Through increased blood flow the supply of nutrients and oxygen improves in the body
Enhances elimination of toxins
Through proper stretching (part of deep tissue massage) the chance of injuries are reduced
Improves the range of motion and muscle flexibility and therefore improves power and performance






Hands of Freedom - Massage Therapy, call Isaiah to book appointment: 0753 9996291, email: info@HoFmassagetherapy.co.uk